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[CS] TetrisHardcoreRemiX [CS] TetrisHardcoreRemiX

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holy s---

blew my mind...
im def playing this in my next set

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Unrl responds:

Mean as. Hopefully it wont blow up your speakers.

~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~ ~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~

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You are quickly becoming one of my favorite techno artists ever.
Even a song as "hip-hoppy" as this one is even more amazing with your background.
I also really like how you made your lead a bit softer than the lyrics...which is smart because the song is about the lyrics.

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Catstuffer responds:

Thanks for noticing! Your absolutly right... I was trying to be very carful not to drown out the lyrics, but at the same time make the leads, drums, and bass noticible... Some ppl think that I tried to kill the lyrics, but I intended them to work with the lead... Thanks for your review! :D

~ HypoMatic ~ ~ HypoMatic ~

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this truely is awesome.
Btw...for all of those who know what audiosurf is...this song is insane on it.


Catstuffer responds:

Lol yea, I tried this on a "De Steamed" version of audio surf... it goes pretty nuts! Thanks for the review!